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Asked a question 11 months ago

What do I have to configure to start an intervention?

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On the Start page (available in the burger menu), you can configure your intervention. There is several things you can configure before each intervention. Changing this configuration, enable you to provide more context and information regarding your intervention.

  • Main operator : The main operator is the person in charge of the intervention. It's the only mandatory field.
  • Co operator : The co operator is the another person active during this intervention. Usually, this field is used for the person who seconds the main operator.
  • Helpers : Helpers are people who participate in an intervention to provide help.
  • Vehicle : Select the vehicle you are using for this intervention. If you do not select any vehicle, bMoves will consider that you are doing this intervention on foot.
  • Equipment : Select the equipment you will be using during this intervention. Equipment can either be automatic equipment connected to a ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO, as well as manual equipment where you will change the value yourself.
  • Activities : Select the activities you will be carrying during this intervention. You can always change this later.