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What are the types of activities?

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There is several types of activities you can have on this screen :

  • Exclusive activities are activities during which you cannot do anything else. Exclusive activities are marked by a yellow "START" button. Click on this button to start doing the activity. Once you are finished with this activity, click on the "FINISH" button on the bottom of your screen.
  • Toggle activities are activities that you can start by enabling the toggle element. Just press on the toggle element to start it. When the toggle is yellow, it marks that the activity is currently active. Those activities are always non-exclusive.
  • Options activities are activites with several possibilities. Options are displayed as icons with a text next to it. For example, an activity "Repairs" can have options such as "Repairing pipe" or "Repairing valve". To enable an option, click on the icon of the option you want. When an icon is yellow, it means that this option is currently enabled.
  • Punctual activities are activities that only happens at one precise time. Punctual activities can be in the form of a toggle, exclusive or options activities. When you start it, it will automatically revert back to it's off stage.