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Asked a question 11 months ago

What are the settings in bMoves app for?

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In bMoves app, you have a few settings :

  • Manual data reloading : Click on the "RELOAD" button to manually reload your bMoves data. This will reload the operators, activities, vehicles and equipment that you can select when you start an intervention.
  • Automatic data reloading : Enable this to automatically reload your bMoves data. If this is disabled, you will have to press the "RELOAD" button when a modification to your operators, activities, vehicles and equipment is made. Unless you have hundreds of activities, we recommend living this setting enabled.
  • Device geo-positionning : When enabled, bMoves will automatically get your location and store it. This allow you to geo-locate everything you do during an intervention such as your activities, equipment usage and notes. If you choose to disable this setting, bMoves will never geo-locate you.
  • Data transmission method :  This setting change the method used to send the data of your interventions. If you leave this setting to "live", bMoves will continuously send what you do during your intervention over the mobile network. This setting, enable a live monitoring of the situation through bVision92 and RWIS app. When the field is disabled and set to "Manually, at the end", you will have to send data of your intervention yourself. See point 10. Finishing an intervention of this course for more information about this.
  • ConnectHub : The ConnectHub setting enable you to pair your bMoves app with a ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO installed in a vehicle to automatically get data about your vehicle during the intervention. To connect your app to a ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO, press the "SCAN" button and then press the "CONNECT" button next to the ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO you want to connect. You can also connect to a ConnectHub or ConnectHub GEO during the intervention.